Zoe Elizabeth… The beginning.

I like to say God dropped this sweetheart in our lap!!! It happened SO fast.  It had been a little over 3 months since Asher had been born into heaven’s arms leaving our arms very empty and longing to hold a baby. We had entertained the thought seriously about fostering since we were already licensed, but quickly realized that we needed something permanent after losing a child not long before.  We sent off for an adoption information packet from a national adoption agency…that was on monday… well, wednesday Dan called me from work and told me about a birthmom that a co-worker had told him about who was looking for a family to place her daughter with (who had yet to be born but was due in a few weeks)

Dan and I couldn’t believe our ears… could this really be happening to us… and this soon?  We dove into a dizzy of paperwork and references and grant applications. We left just a few days after that to spend Thanksgiving in Texas with my family (for those of you who have just met us, we were living in Raleigh NC at the time)  While in Texas we were able to get my birth certificate, Dan’s parents just happened to have planned to spend Thanksgiving in Michigan (where Dan was born) and was able to overnight us his birth certificate.  That week flew by, and once home, that night we had a meeting with a social worker who was able to make some changes to our current foster homestudy in order to expedite the process.  That was Sunday night after Thanksgiving… Monday we were supposed to meet with the Birthmom for lunch but instead got a call that our daughter had been born that morning and we were to go to the hospital instead.  We couldn’t believe it… this was happening!!

After 3 days of visiting with “S” in the hospital and falling in love with her as well as with this little bundle of pink and brown, we took our little girl straight to the adoption agency to finalize the last of the paperwork. We then went HOME two weeks to the day of getting that call from Dan at work. We were a family of 3 again.  Four months to the day after the most painful day of our lives… marked the day that Zoe would forever be ours.

We never stopped believing that God was good even in the dark days, and the declaration of that when you’re suffering makes that truth so intimate and so powerful. But Oh, the Joy of thanking Him for His goodness when you’re overwhelmed with gladness and giddiness this new baby girl had brought into our lives.

We have described her impact on our lives as well as many others, as a healing soothing balm upon hurting broken hearts. She didn’t replace Asher at all, and you have only to look at her deep brown skin and girly soft pink attire to know that she is entirely different than her big brother. But she did fill our aching arms with much love and she flooded our hearts with a love that was surprising and unexpected.

Her name is Zoe Elizabeth which means Abundant Life. And two years later…  she is definitely living up to her name.

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