Zoe 2nd Birthday

It was a complete colorful adventure definitely worthy of a Dora Adventure!!!  I can’t believe my little girl is TWO!  We had so much fun with her celebrating her life thus far.

She loves her some Dora so we thought having a colorful mexican fiesta would be perfect!!  We made Tostadas, which is a Nichols family favorite. And I made a Rainbow cake which I’ve been dying to ever since two of my most favorite bloggers blogged about it here and here!

Zoe is getting to be soooooooo much fun and says new and funny things every day. Her latest favorite words are “cool”  and  “capiche” (Which she is totally learning from Kristin)  and she loves bossing Jack around and she sings NON-STOP!!! She is even to the point where she asks for a certain CD in the car. Click here to download it for free!!!  She’s just a delight to have as a daughter. I love her sooooooooo much!

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