my child will never…..

Normally a parent says this about something and then is put in a situation where their child does exactly that, much to our mortification.

But this was said about something that we had total control over.  Dan was sitting at the computer looking at facebook and stated “my child will never stand in line just to wait for santa and sit on his lap. That’s rediculous!”

fast forward….just 12 short hours later when we decided to go downtown Fort Worth and visit Kristin at Starbucks in Sundance Square. After having coffee we decided to wander over to the huge Christmas tree down there. Well, There he sat in all his splendor and glory and elves.  Zoe saw him and started jumping up and down and giggling saying “santa daddy, Santa!! I like it! I like it!”  that was all she wrote people… and the rest is history.  A few minutes and photos later we were walking to the car and Dan looked at me and said “next year you’ll have to bring your good camera”.  next year???…..  wow, what a difference 12 hours and a 2 year old’s excitement will make!!

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