missing raleigh

Yes, it’s been quite chilly here in Texas but no snow.  We did get a white Christmas last year (the first in Texas history we were told) so expecting a repeat was probably a little unrealistic. 🙂

But our friends and family back in Raleigh were showered with a ton of that beautiful snow. I think Dan, Kristin and I were all a little jealous after seeing every-one’s beautiful wintry photos on facebook.

So, Raleigh friends…. know you were being missed as you enjoyed sledding and building snowmen and all that good stuff!  And of course we weren’t just missing the snow…. We all miss our sweet loved ones in North Carolina and I think seeing all the photos of you all just tugged at our hearts and made us miss you all the more.

The transition to Texas from Raleigh has been wonderful and smooth…. but there are still days that Dan and I look at each other and say, “we live in Texas! Can you believe it?”  Kristin has those types of moments often as well….. hers are more like…. “I live in Texas, work part time at Starbucks, live with 4 people and have dreams so big that I often wonder are they even possible. What am I thinking?”  Then we all have a good laugh and are reminded that God is the ordainer of our steps and often He takes us on journeys we never saw coming.  And in the end, if we fall more in love with God and come to know Him more and are refined through the steps He’s ordained… than I don’t think we will ever look back and say, I wish we hadn’t journeyed there.

I hope you take the time this week to look over the steps He’s taken you through in 2010. And look forward, not with fear or anxiety but with hope & certainty,  to 2011,  as He leads you not nessicarily in the direction you have set out… but in the ways that His all knowing ever powerful hands will carry you through.

We still are laying low here and trying to keep warm.  I’m nursing a cold…. and trying to keep the kids from getting it. Zoe and Jack are both teething so Jack’s cranky and drooling and Zoe wakes up at night crying because her “teeth urt” I love it now that they can tell you what’s wrong! Sooooo… while we didn’t get a white Christmas we are enjoying this season of chilly weather and hunkering down at home.   Just know all you Raleigh peeps….. We Miss You!!!

The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps. Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

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