Little Man Jack… the beginning.

Mom and Dad had gone to visit some dear friends of the family who lived a ways away. So I was a little surprised she was calling me when the phone rang and it was her. I could hear the excitement in her voice from the start, as she began to tell me about this birthmom (the granddaughter of these dear family friends) who was currently in prison and really needed a family she could trust to take her son after he was born and until she could figure out what was going to happen to her sentencing.  She needed a family who could love a child that may not get to be theirs forever but also one that would love him forever should the need arise.  I had told mom earlier that Dan and I were already talking about the next adoption and that we were getting ready to pursue whatever child God had next for us.  My mom said that God brought us to her mind right away when their friends started telling them about their granddaughter and the tough situation they all felt like they were in since it wouldn’t be long before this baby would be born.

Dan and I talked with this birthmom’s grandparents and letters were sent to this little boy’s mommy and daddy in prison. A few days later it was agreed to that we would enter into a private (not state issued) foster relationship with this boy once he was born. He was born just a few days later and ended up having to be in the hospital for a few weeks due to some lung issues.  We met his great grandparents at a Dairy Queen half way in between them and us…. ate lunch and made the exchange.

It was pretty surreal. Here I was the mommy of a 10 month old and I’m taking in my arms and into my home a little scrawny baby boy who had eyes big as the moon.  I looked at Dan and said, are we crazy? He said if this is crazy then… I’m all about being crazy!!

My family and Dan’s parents celebrated this little one’s arrival and have many times taken care of him and fed him and loved him!!  He is well loved.  I can’t say those first few months were easy…. I’ve never been more tired in all my life. BUT they were months filled with dependence and prayer as we opened up our hearts even more and became a family of four.

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