It’s time…..

Oh how I’ve missed blogging. I took a much needed break back in June and didn’t think it would last until now… but I think it was good for me. It really helped to refocus my mind and to realize that it was time for a new blog. Each time I tried to go back to write something here… I just couldn’t. It’s not like I didn’t want to remember those memories or have Asher be a part of my blog, it’s just I needed a fresh start with a blog that capture more of who I am now… not just who I was or what I went through. So, Here I am.

I’m ready to share this life with my readers… the joys of adoption, the challenges of parenting little ones, the continued sorrow over losing a child, and the anticipation of what God has in store for us in the coming months and years.

So little blog I will miss you…. But I will always treasure the memories and the journey that you hold for me.  You will be a reminder for me of the Goodness and Faithfulness of our God and the Body of Christ through very dark days.

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