10.4.T. { update on life here lately }

Well, I normally like saving these for fun random lists… but life is soooo random right now I thought it would be perfect! 

1. Zoe is pretty much potty trained. She just started coming to me and letting me know when she had to go and wa-la! the girl is going most all the time. If we don't check on her early enough in the morning then she might wet her diaper… but generally she's holding it even at night. funny though, #1 #2 and passing gas are all the same to her right now, so if she has some gas going on… it's A LOT of trips to the potty for us until she gets relief! :o) But I'm really proud of her. 

2. We had a wonderful time visiting family in Kalamazoo (yeah, I always thought it was a fiction Dr. Seuss place before I got married)  It's always a joy going up there for me because there is a laid back pace of life there that reminds me of Alaska and there are generations of family up there on Dan's side whom I always find fascinating to visit with. I made a slideshow of that visit you can see here  http://www.poiemaphotography.com/kalamazoo/

3. Dan started summer school. 3 one week intensives back to back!! whew! It's a good thing he's smart and enjoys the subject matter because it would be pretty rough otherwise.  

4. I really need to write to Jack's parents but it's really been hard for me to. I really don't know what to say except to update them on his development. I got a letter from his dad thanking us profusely for taking care of his son for him…. and I wish I could say your welcome, but I don't feel like I'm doing it for the dad… I'm doing it for Jack. Of course I know ultimately we're doing it so that God can touch lives in all this. But I guess I'm just telling you, it's hard sometimes. I want to tell his parents off sometimes because of their foolishness they are missing this wonderful boy's life. But then where is the grace?? I have to trust that this is all in God's All Capable Hands. Pray that I find the words to say in my letter…. I think about it several times a day, I just can't find the words yet.  

5. I really like staying on top of what's going on in our nation's government but lately I'm finding that it produces fear and stress and frustration in my heart. You don't hear the full story on any news station and there are soooo many different opinions on everything it's maddening. So, I'm having to step back from watching TV about that.  Two Christmases ago I got Dan the complete series of The West Wing TV show and we finally finished it all a few weeks ago. I love that show! It was really educational for me and having Dan being the ex-political science major that he is was very helpful!! I cried several times in the shows but for much deeper less outwardly sad reasons.  I will say it was nice to watch a show that you didn't have to worry that when people were talking in cars that another car was about to crash into the side of them or that a bomber was sneaking into the building. So… very relaxing to watch and had so many of my most favorite tv actors in it. 

6. I'm officially moving my 111 goal to November 11th 2011. Still keeps me accountable but is giving me the freedom to really try to figure out what's behind some other health issues I'm dealing with (hives!) Thanks to so many of you who have given me great suggestions and helpful tips and advice. I really appreciate it and take them to heart!   

7. Jack is crawling EVERYWHERE!!! It's like he has an inner magnet for trashcans, toilets, and anything paper he can rip up. Totally boy! He's growing so fast and really becoming fun to interact with. Although I can't seem to feed him enough. He's always hungry. Whereas skinny Zoe doesn't eat near as much and won't gain weight for anything. She loves her some avocado though!! :o) 

8. Zoe saw a bug the other day and now she's petrified to walk on the ground. She wants me to carry her everywhere. Any spot or hair or anything she believes to be a bug. Now, how she knows to be afraid of them already… I do not know. But how do you convince a toddler that bugs aren't on the floor? It's tough… I want to comfort but I also don't want to encourage this fear. Any help from you mom's out there is welcome!!!  

9. I'm taking a 6 month break from photography….till Jan 2011.  Yep. I just have come to a point that I need to step back and rethink, redesign, reimagine, recreate, and rest. I often tell people that I feel like I was dropped into the deep end of the pool when it came to wedding photography and somehow learned to swim because I had to. For the most part of my photography career I was working a thriving but very busy job as a hairdresser and didn't have the time to slowly build my style, workflow, business habits, and networks like so many are able to do nowdays.  And honestly, after losing Asher something in me changed. I want to get more out of my photography. I want to portray my heart. In the wedding business it's Very easy to get caught up in the must get check list and the craziness of the day that you forget what you love about what you do. I think I was starting to lose that. But I LOVE weddings and capturing them is very rewarding. So, That meant taking time off to really focus on the changes I needed to make personally, at home and in my business.  So, here I am just barely into my time off, and my mind is already benefiting from it. I think I have several months to go before things start shaping up and really displaying what I want from this job…. this side job! For so long home, family, my walk with God, other hobbies,  me…. have taken a back seat to the hecticness of 2 service based jobs that I juggled. I didn't have much to give those other aspects because I was giving it all to my clients….. Which I love!! But I have to find a way to make those other things a lot more predominent in my life and have shooting really just be an outpouring of the creativity that builds up in me over my days of taking care of my family and home.  Okay, this probably could be it's own post but oh well,  now you know! :O) 

10. In light of all that, I find myself wanting to learn so many things that I never have before. I want to learn to really decorate cakes well because I have MANY birthdays to come in my ever growing family. I want to cook with things like fennel, celery root, figs, spices I can't spell, and such!! I want to really celebrate things….. people… events… days… I want to create memories for my family.  I want to enjoy the simple things more. I want to go camping. I want to create flower arrangements that resemble art. I want to spray paint things and decorate my home with them. And while I have to keep a balance of not making those desires idols in my life that keep me not content in where I am right now, I really want to strive to challenge myself to do some of those things when playing it safe with what I know can be a lot easier.    

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