10.4.T. {short and sweet and all things cute : Link Love }

1. I love these camera straps and these. They are so chic! Thinking about switching out my beloved neoprene strap… which is a must for long wedding days… but for everyday shooting. I want some cuteness!!! 

2. If you have a SLR with an on camera flash. Run… don't walk to get one of these Lightscoop bouncers. 

3. I can't wait to display Zoe and Jack's artwork in some of these. I LOVE the concept! 

4. If you're planning a picnic, a summer bar-b-que, outdoor reception, reunion, anything really. Garnish is the way to go for a chic summer look. 

5. Do it Yourself Vintage Gift Wrap.  

6. I so want to do these for Zoe's next Birthday party 

7. And I've seen these used for table numbers but also as Wall decor in a kids room

8. Got extra scrap paper, ribbon, summer flowers, and bored kids around? This is a great project that would not only brighten up the house but also be fabulous gifts!! 

9. Please can someone with a little more time make me one of these adorable head bands. :o) I love all things cute+hair!!  

10. My Best Friend just launched her new Website and Blog. It's super Fabulous!!! I really loved this last post for photographers. It was so helpful and some things it reminded me of and some things I hadn't thought that way before. 

** Hope you enjoy my Glee music mix on here. I LOVE these songs and listen to them ALL the time these days!! **

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