Happy Mothers Day 2010

First and foremost I want to wish my mother a wonderful Mothers Day! I’m so blessed to be your daughter.

I’m so glad you opened up your life to me at a time when life would totally change for you by having a baby. I’m so glad you decided after a day of preschool that you couldn’t bear to be apart from me and you decided to take up the challenge to homeschool me. I’m so glad you gave me the gift of brothers and sisters…. and lots of them. I’m so glad you always were willing to let me follow my crazy ideas like painting the youth room or calling a piano teacher every day for weeks until she let me be her student or going to cosmetology school 4 thousand miles away from home. I”m so glad you lived a life of a pastors wife fairly open to us children…I learned so much from you that has been and will be invaluable as we prepare for ministry.  I’m so glad you sought out my heart and embraced my love for Dan and were very open and honest to be about the joys and struggles of marriage. I’m so glad you were so excited to share your wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and child bearing. I’m so glad you came and stayed with me those weeks after losing Asher. I’m so glad you’ve been my biggest fan in our adventure in adoption and fostering. I’m so glad you’re my mother!!!

Casey blubonnet-003

uncanny how much I looked like Asher isn’t it. (see pic of him on left side)

Casey blubonnet-002
Many people ask me when I started to learn photography and I normally tell them that I can’t remember it was so early. Because I was learning and watching my mom and her love for photography and her passion for documenting our lives. My mom LOVED to take our photos. She took tons of them. And one of my most favorites were ones she took in the bluebonnets.

Casey blubonnet-001
That, my friend, is a Texas tradition. Taking photos of your children in the fields of bluebonnets as they line the highways come springtime in Texas.  So, being the good Texan Mommy that I am. (I was born here so I can claim that) I took my children and took their photos in the bluebonnets!!

Bluebonnets 2010-071
Bluebonnets 2010-074
Bluebonnets 2010-093
Bluebonnets 2010-111 Bluebonnets 2010-102 Bluebonnets 2010-021Bluebonnets 2010-011

Bluebonnets 2010-024 Bluebonnets 2010-025
Bluebonnets 2010-029
Bluebonnets 2010-039 Bluebonnets 2010-056
Bluebonnets 2010-047
Bluebonnets 2010-036
Bluebonnets 2010-038
Bluebonnets 2010-037

Bluebonnets 2010-043
I also have the wonderful blessing of having the most wonderful gift in my mother-in-law! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have her in my life. I joke often that she fell in love with me even before my husband did. She is an amazing homemaker and a servant through and through. She too was by my side in some of the best weeks of my life and some of the darkest days of my life. I tell Dan all the time that I feel guilty for how much she serves me. But he laughs and says, Casey, she loves doing it and it brings her joy! I do believe him because it shows. She’s not only the mother of my amazing husband but one of my closest friends.  I love you Judy!

Bluebonnets 2010-023
Bluebonnets 2010-060

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