Ten.4.Tues. { Things I can’t live without }

Okay, this is NOT the type of can't live without list of things that I would nessecarily grab if my house was on fire. This isn't the obviously things I can't live without such as my faith, my family, my passions, my friends, etc….  just a list of things that make everyday life doable and a little easier and more fun!  

1. Tweezerman Tweezers and Benefit Speedbrow 

I have been blessed with lots of eyebrows!!! growing up when people said I had brooke shields eyebrows I thought they were complimenting me. I think it was just the only thing they could think to say when they saw how massive they were. But thankfully my junior year  of high school the woman who would later become my cosmetology instructor helped me out and shaped my brows and gave this girl some hope!  The little colored tweezers at Sally's have been wonderful to use and they are brightly colored so I can normally find them in the depths of my makeup bag. Benefit Speedbrow has been the best shaping gel I've found, my sister (who also has a bounty of brows) told me that this product by mommie dots, is great for shaping as well (also great for baby's skin) and is a lot softer feeling than the gel but might not last as long as the gel for an all day hold.  

Tweezers Benefit speed brow 

2. Mac & Mac  

This is where my cosmetologist self meets my photographer self and they both requested MAC to be #2 for different reasons.  

I love Mac makeup!! Their eyeshadows are 2nd to none. And ohhhhh… the colors!!! 

 I love Mac computers!! Their set up is 2nd to none. And ohhhh…. the editing ease!! 


3. Baby Exersaucer.

   My babies have loved this thing. It's really helpful in this doesn't like to lay down but not quite sitting up on their own stage. Doesn't Jack look thrilled to be having his photo taken. This is his, "mom… I'm sleepy will you please hold me" look. 

February 2010-9

4. Bobby Pins.  

I was talking to my sister the other day and we were both laughing about how we (much to our husbands distain) pull out our bobby pins at the end of a day and they usually get tossed on the floor right by our side of the bed. For me, bobby pins are normally an everyday everyroom finding. I guess I just like having them in arms reach wherever I go. :o) But I love my bobby pins. Give me a few and I can do some magic with them. 

5. Shootsac 
 Shootsac has changed the way I photograph weddings or at any shoot for that matter. It's amazing. It's well worth the money paid for it. So photographers….. if you don't have one go get one. (although I can't wait for the tote & shoot to come out) 

  6. Blog Feeder. 

I've blogged about this before. But seriously, it's a lifesaver, and a Major time saver!!  I use Bloglines.com but Google Reader is a great one if you have gmail.  

Picture 1
7. My Hairdryer 

This is not just any hairdryer. It's the best hairdryer I've ever had. For a hairdresser, her hairdryer is like a faithful sidekick that sticks with you and can make or break your work day.  The first one I had I had until I ran it completely into the ground… it died. So I got this one and I haven't looked back since. It dries so fast and with so much volume… it's simply amazing!  I will get this same one again when this one gives up on me.  It runs about $90  but it's worth every penny. And it will last you years!!! 

 8. Dry Erase Year at a Glance Calendar. 

I've always been a At-a-Glance Product buff. I used their appointment books religiously for years as a hairdresser and a photographer. And I still do for the most part, but lately as a stay at home mom, I'm finding my Year-at-a-Glance Dry Erase Calendar on my wall next to my computer is Wonderful! I've used them for about 3 years now and it's just so helpful in looking at the coming months to know what's ahead. And it helps me be a better big picture planner.  


9. Melamine Bowls and Silicone Spatulas.

Six years ago a friend bought me Red Williams Sanoma Bowls as a wedding gift and they still serve me well today. Dan recently added some robin's egg blue Martha Stewart bowls to my arsenal. And I love those as well.  Melamine are the best bowls!!!!  And the perfect sidekick are W/S Silicone Spatulas and Spoonulas! LOVE THOSE! I use them for Everything! 

Spatula Bowls
  10. Target + Starbucks

Okay, it's not really a thing… more like a place…well, two places to get wonderful things. But just an hour in the morning walking a buggy up and down their isle with a coffee in hand is amazing and very calming. Now, if you find something adorable with a little red sticker on it along your way… well now, that's just straight up Therapy. 

Target_logo  3322018222_e15263cc51 

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