Ten.4.Tues. { if I could be anybody }

Just 6 weeks after having my stomach cut open and having the life ripped out of me (or so it felt like)  I had friends who insisted on me going with them to Washington D.C. I don't know why this trip is so vivid in my memory and so impactive, I'm tearing up just typing about it… maybe it's because everything else surrounding it was a blur or that I was taken away from Raleigh for a bit….or that they were each so adventurous yet tender with me on that trip.  I don't know. I remember debating going even to the last minute. Could I really do this? I didn't want to leave Dan… or my little bungalow for that matter. And honestly, had it not been that 3 of my most trusted friends were the ones taking me, I probably would have backed out. But even though I was leaving comforts at home… I was accompanied by them. I'm so glad I went that weekend.  We laughed a lot. talked a lot. drove a lot. (driving for hours can be therapeutic) and took a ton of photos. I do remember us sitting at a restaurant and I asked them if they could be anything in the world, (money and talent not being issues…meaning if it took talent, you had it. if it required money, you had it.)  I find that you can learn a lot about someone's dreams and longings when you find out the answers to that question, especially when you get to talk about why they picked those. 

So, without further ado, that will be my top ten today.  

If I could do/be anything it would be….. 

1. A Talk Show Host (like Oprah) because, even though I love attention, I don't necessarily want to be the center of it, I'd rather have others be on the hot seat. And being someone like Oprah… or Rachel Ray or …. you get to meet SO many people of all kinds! And get invited to all the parties. I would LOVE that. 

2. An Author. just writing this blog has taught me that. I would love to have my thoughts, my story, my heart in a tangible book. And know that lots of people are sharing and jumping into those thoughts and words. Fiction or not? I don't know. I don't think I have what it takes for Fiction. I did think to myself after coming out of Nicolas Spark's latest movie… man, that man is talented. He had women of ALL ages flooding out of there… with their mascara running. (I think I've discovered I'm not a huge fan of his, someone always dies, (or maybe it's the cheesy movie makers that make his movies that I don't care for) although I do admire how he includes a twist that I didn't expect… I do like that. 

3. Photojournalist.  mm-mm… National Geographic would be the bomb to work for. They capture life in this vast world for all to see. I say photojournalist… but just watching series like Earth or Life on Discovery, makes me want to do video too. Although I don't want to know how long they have to sit somewhere to finally get the shot… probably days, and by then, I'd be a grouchy mess. Honestly, I would really love to capture war and battle zones. (also, if you haven't watched The hurt locker… you should. It was beautifully shot and well written.) 

4. Wedding Planner. Now, I would not want to be THE one in charge of it all, no thank you stress! But I would LOVE to be on a team that has to create ideas, make them on a budget, and make someone's vision come to life on their wedding day. 

5. Nurse. I really REALLY think I could have rocked at being a Nurse. I was a candy striper in high school at my local hospital and loved it. I love working long hour days (verses more short hour days) and I love interacting with people and getting to know other's stories. So, while I probably wouldn't love the paperwork involved, I think I would enjoy most everything else. (I really adore some scrubs!!!) 

 6. A Makeup Artist. I watched the latest makeup artist we worked with at a wedding work intently and artistically to bring out the best in whoever was in her chair. And she took the time to get to know who it was she was designing on. She had sooo many colors and sparkles and glosses to work with, mm-mm… I think I would like that. 

7. Singer. Okay, we said if talent wasn't an issue. In 7th grade I really wanted to be a singer, so much so, that at youth camp I sang a solo at the talent show. That was my first and last. I just can't sing….well. My mom, who thankfully was honest about issues like that, said I had a great choir voice. Meaning I can pick up the notes from someone next to me, but it's not within me like someone of you. I could listen to some of you sing for HOURS!!! Ang, Shelly, Bleeker, Dawntoya, and many others!!

8. Donald Trump's close friend.  Now, I don't think I'd want the stress that comes with that guys life. But I adore me the Donald!!! I would love to hang out with him, work on projects with him, you know, see how that guy works in person. He's a fabulous conversationalist and I like how he thinks. So, yeah, random, but I'd be his close friend…. I don't know what my job would be but the word philanthropist comes to mind.

9. Broadway actor/dancer. I would love the thrill of being behind the curtain with an audience on the other side… there are no take two's…there is no blooper reel… just you and that one chance to entertain the crowd. The quick set changes, the costume changes, the final bow, the cast comrade, I think I would really enjoy all that. (not to mention the joy of being able to express yourself through the beautiful art of dancing….mmm, that talent would be delightful.) 

10. 16.  Yes, I'd be 16 again. I'd go back and tell that girl to stop worrying about if anyone was going to marry her.  I'd tell her that she was beautiful just how she was then. To have fun, to be more relaxed and real in her friendships (especially with guys). To not hold others around her to a strict standard that showed little grace and was based on moral achievement. I'd go on more trips. go camping more. Manage my money better. Keep up my piano. Care for my sister more….not be so competitive with her, or to go to such lengths to be different.  I know all these things are things that you have to learn over time and through life experiences, so, these aren't necessarily regrets…. just things I'd tell my 16 year old self if I could… if I could be anybody.  

Here is one of the four of us from the DC Trip! Ang, Heather, Gena, Thanks for going out of your way to serve me and love me that weekend. It truly was one I shall not forget. 




  Click Here for the Washington D.C. Slideshow 

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