just blowing bubbles

Zoe loves her some older kids. She watches them, learns from them, follows them, she loves it. Honestly, it makes me want to adopt children just a little older than her… not just because Zoe would love it, but I think that they would too. I've always loved family dynamics, the older teaching the younger and the younger giving older ones purpose and love.  

Staying at my sister's in Wake Forest, Zoe got to play with the neighbor kids.  She Loved that!! And I loved seeing her get introduced to bubbles, candy dots, rain boots, and sidewalks. :o) 



March2010triptoNC-0302 March2010triptoNC-0306

March2010triptoNC-0336 March2010triptoNC-0323

And I'm a HUGE fan of super hero capes for lil' boys. I can't wait till lil' man Jack can run around in his super hero dress up of choice. 

March2010triptoNC-0296 March2010triptoNC-0289

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