April and Tash Spring 2010

I was SO glad to get to see my friend and her beautiful boy. :o) 

I hadn't been to their new place before so it was great getting the tour. Tash is so smart and growing up so fast. LOVE his curls….Love them! Tash showed Zoe how to go up and down the stairs, Zoe's still working on the going down part.  April's doing great. She's being faithful to her classes and she was super excited because she was about to get some teeth worked on the next day at the dentist. (I can't wait to see your smile again April!!)  

We talked about Easter coming up, and she showed me her pretty new dress that her mentor bought her. We talked about her younger sister, which she took care of growing up, and now that she's getting in contact with family members and such, she had just found out that her sister had died 2 years ago from a drug overdose. That really was hard for her to hear. But we were able to talk about how that could have been April so many times… and that God is showing April that there is so much more to live for, namely HIM, than a life on drugs that will only kill. 

We talked about our weight struggles. I told her that I'm sure it is hard going from drugs, being awake and walking the streets ALL day and night to not being that active and probably still battling cravings. I told her that I would much rather have her overweight than underweight and high right now. ( of course we talked about the importance of getting exercise and stuff) She just struggles of course feeling pretty and wants someone to love her. I told her MANY mom's are in that boat with her. And that our worth needs to come from within and how God loves us NOT how we feel about how we look…. because that will Never satisfy.  

So… check out these cuties!!! 


March2010triptoNCweb-0388 March2010triptoNCweb-0385
March2010triptoNCweb-0399 March2010triptoNCweb-0428


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