a very chappell easter

Growing up for me, being a pastors daughter, Easter Activities were mostly centered about what the church was doing that day. And being in Alaska I think a lot of times we had a church-wide potluck since most extended families lived "in the lower 48". A lot of holidays in Alaska were really centered around church family verses extended blood family. I really enjoyed that growing up. I miss those people a lot because they are like family to me. 

Last year we were in Michigan visiting Dan's extended family for Easter and this year we spent it with Dan's Mom and Dad and cousin (or 2nd cousin…however that works!) and then we ended it by going to church together for the 5:00 service. Josh it was so great to have you with us all day. Those brownies (from scratch) ROCKED! 

In Chappell fashion, of course we had Easter baskets. I remember getting them when I was really little but not as I got older…. I'm sure as a family of 9 kids the Easter basket tradition could get really expensive…not to mention that's A LOT of sugared up hyper kids! So, for now, while we just have 2 and we can monitor the amount of jelly beans Zoe can eat…. Bring on the Easter Baskets!!!  


Zoeandjackeaster2010-2979 Zoeandjackeaster2010-3001 

Zoeandjackeaster2010-3007 Zoeandjackeaster2010-3084



And I just wanted to leave you with a link to a blogger friend's easter/good friday post. I really respect that she doesn't shy away from putting her heart and her love for her Lord into her blog posts. Thank you MckMamma! She really puts into words beautifully what Easter is truly about. So, while I love pastels, baskets, sandals, and jelly beans… what I really love is knowing the price that was paid for me to have sweet fellowship with my God and for an eternity of worshiping him where all these earthly joys will pale in comparison to the delights in heaven…. joy evermore increasing forevermore!! 

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