Facebook,Twittering, and Blogging to the Glory of God (pt.5)

Why Blog?   

(adapted slightly from Abraham Piper's Desiring God Blog article Why Pastors should Blog 

To Write: through writing you delve into new ideas and new insights. If you strive to write well, you will at the same time be striving

to think well.

To Preserve: face it ladies, pregnancy and child raising leaves our memories a bit impaired. Blogging is a great way to remember

those special moments or the state of mind you were in at a certain stage of your child’s life. It’s also a great way to look back and see how you’ve grown as well as your child. Men, many of you are wonderful story tellers and humor us and 

To Teach: Your experiences are ones that you are learning from daily. So can others. You have a great opportunity to teach your

peers tricks of the trade in parenting or crafting or anything really. A blog is a great non-threatening way to help teach your parents about the way you are choosing to parent your kids. Trust me, your parents will be your top readers, especially if you post pics of the kids! They read what you write too, and what a great way to explain and show the results of your hard work and convictions in child  raising without it being a discussion in the moment but rather a thought out explanation. You are also teaching your children in the future;  as they read your posts when they get older and they see how you are living your life week by week they can see the challenges you faced, and adventures they went on, and the thought put into your parenting them, and your life lived out by your convictions, and your faith flushed out in every day life. 

To Interact: online interaction will never and shouldn’t ever replace personal interaction, however in the life of a busy mom blogging helps you tell a story or show off some photos to all your friends and family at once. You have to keep up with so many schedules at home and this lets you schedule your story telling and lets others read and see them on their schedule. Sometimes just a few sentences from a friend lets you know that she is thinking about you and keeping up with your life. That way when you do finally get to grab that cup of coffee you can pick up right there and not have to try to filter through your life the past few weeks trying to figure out what to share and what not to.

To develop an eye for what is meaningful: For good or bad, most committed bloggers live with the constant question in their mind: Is this bloggable? This could become a bad habit, but I’ll put a positive spin on it: It nurtures a habit of looking for insight and wisdom and value in every situation, no matter how mundane. If you live life looking for what is worthwhile in every little thing, you will see more of what God has to teach you. And the more he teaches you, the more you can teach others. As you begin to be inspired and to collect ideas, you will find that the new things you’ve seen and learned enrich far more of your life than just your blog.

To be known: Now this may sound selfish or egotistical, but hear me out. This aspect of blogging makes fellowship so much

sweeter between family members, especially extended ones who normally you wouldn’t share with regularly, church family, (sundays  can be a hurried time to talk but when you know what’s going on from monday to monday then it’s a lot easier to talk about meaningful things), and people you’ve never met. (there are new friends that you will make only because you took the time to blog) This also is important as life changes and you want everyone to know. As well as calling on prayer warriors and encouragers for when you are going through a hard time!

Edited to Add:  

***I posted and then forgot to include the link to the original article. So I really apologize to those who think I came up with this and to Abraham Piper who did write the bulk of this.  Dan always is saying how between the two of us we never come up with an original thought but that we are sponges for others wisdom, ideas, deep thought, etc… I'm so grateful for writers like the Pipers and many other blog and book writers that we glean wonderful information from. 

*Source  (some adaptations)  http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/1156_6_reasons_pastors_should_blog/ 

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