Facebook,Twittering, and Blogging to the Glory of God (pt.3)

{ Facebook
on the Missionfield:
 from a missionary's perspective. } 

 I think she said it all beautifully so I'll just let her share and hopefully you'll love missionaries you know by connecting with them almost instantly today 

  SO SO MUCH has changed in the last 14 years I’ve been on the mission
field.  When I first came, I could only look forward to hand
written notes and typed newsletters being delivered in the mail.  There
are still days I wish we could go back to that a bit and write more letters,
but the benefit of the extreme progress in internet access, social networking
and overall communication is massive!  It’s a huge blessing to read blogs
where folks are just keeping you uptodate on what’s going on.  It is easy to feel alone and disconnected
from your best friends and it helps so much to hear and see what is going on
people’s lives.  I think another blessing in blogging is connected to
those blogs that are more ministry directed, the ones that share the struggles,
the highs and lows o f d ay to day ministry (whether it’s in the USA or
overseas)…it’s an encouragement to know think “man, that person is dealing with
something similar to what I’m dealing with in this relationship I’m ministering
in.”  you’re immediately not completely alone, somebody else out there is
experiencing the challenges you are. 
  Another area of blogging that enhances my ministry would be those
blogs which are teaching or sharing resources or ideas…and the blogs which are
basically sharing biblical truth.  We now live in a time in history where
the most gifted biblical teachers are right at our fingertips…we just need to
push ‘play’.  How great it is to be able to have access to a pool of
teaching in order to be filled back up when you’re trying to be intentional in
pouring out with your life.  I’m so grateful for all of you bloggers!

 Facebook has allowed an opportunity that we’ve never had before to
connect with so many people instantly.  Prayer requests, what I’m doing,
struggles, something funny that happened…instantly that information is out
that’s a blessing.  And I think the even
greater blessing with facebook (and email) is that people there can connect
with me over here instantly.  You know, there are times that I don’t need
a long email detailing everything going on in life or a sermon pointing me to
biblical truth (all of those things are helpful and wonderful), sometimes what
I need is just one line from my dearest friends letting me know they’re
there…so many times a one liner like “I’m thinking about you today and I
love you” has changed my whole day
, has given me the little boost I
needed.  Obviously, I depend on Christ and his truth…he’s my ultimate
foundation…but it’s a blessing to be encouraged by the body of Christ…again, it
reminds us that we’re not alone and we’re not forgotten.  

*emphasis mine


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