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I was supposed to fly out of DFW last night but major storms were brewing so it wasn't a surprise when they told me my flight was canceled. Then after 40 minutes on hold with AA and getting booked on different flights for today and twice they were canceled due to the plane not being able to get in last night thus not being able to fly out today (learned a lot about air traffic last night) I finally resigned to fly out Friday. A little bummed but glad for not having to fly in bad weather.  

But I am sooooo excited that I was home today because if not I would have missed getting these. 

Zandjmarch2010web-8106 Zandjmarch2010web-8118 

A fellow hairdresser sent them to me as a thank you for sending some clients her way. What Stacie didn't know is that Chocolate covered Strawberries have for years been my VERY favorite!! But most of all, it was the thought that brought me to tears. (which was nice because nothing is better after a bunch of tears than chocolate!!)  I didn't expect it to impact me the way it did… but this was SO sweet of her to think of me…and to send something displaying her thoughts.  

There are so many people in my life that deserve buckets of chocolate covered everything!! And knowing what this feels like to receive this makes me want to be a lot more intentional with letting others know how much I appreciate them and am grateful for them. 

Stacie, Thank you for totally surprising and blessing me today with these sweet treasures of goodness. (they taste amazing!!) I love knowing that you get to love on my Raleigh friends and nurture their hearts while caring for their hair. You are gifted and I am so glad that you get to display that giftedness on those I love. Thanks for thinking of me and for totally making my day! love you. ~ Casey 

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