10.4.T. {Link Love}

I really don't have many thoughts to share today. So, I thought I'd share some others thoughts that I love to read via blogs. (I could NOT stay on top of all these blogs, nor would it be a wise use of my time without a blog reader. I've recommended them before on here and will do it again. It's a HUGE time saver for me!!)  So, enjoy and go read! 

1.  Homemaking Blogs 

Pioneer Woman *  Prayer of Hannah * The Creative Mama *  Nesting Place * Making Home * Small Notebook * Little Birdie Secrets * Mary of Owlhaven * From Marriage to Motherhood * Blue Yonder

2. Food Blogs  

Joy the Baker * Smitten Kitchen * Bake it Pretty * Bakerella * Tasty Kitchen 

3. Photography Blogs 

Bobbi+Mike *  Jasmine Star * Kamee June * Studio 623 * Voltron of Awesomeness * Amelia Lyon * Angie Warren * Karen Russell * Caroline Joy

4. Wedding Planning/Details Blogs 

Hostess with the Mostess * Kiss the Groom * White Thread * Green Wedding Shoes * Ruffled * Snippet and Ink

5. Love and Loss (blogs of friends who have blogged their journey of grief, mind you not all of these have lost a child's life but they have experienced sorrow and have blogged about it well. Also there are MANY more friends who I follow their journey of grief I just couldn't list them all.)  

Molly Piper * Sheye Rosemeyer *  Enjoying the Small things * MckMama * Light Your World * Kerry Hasenbalg * Our little Teapot * Jump David Jump 

6. Adoption  

Spirit of Adoption * Urban Servant * A Bushel and a Peck * Hope for Orphans * A Quiver Full

7. Random Blogs that I read for Fun!! 

 My Pastors Blog/Matt Chandler   100 and South  *  Zack Arias  * Daily Drop Cap * DFW Birth Photographer/ * Rachel in Raleigh * Ink on my fingers * Downhill Both Ways *

 Okay… I ran out of subjects… I mean I have other sections on my bloglines, but they are "texas photographers" "BFF's" and such… and those ya'll probably don't need to know about.  

So, I  hope you enjoy browsing these and I hope they bring you joy and insight like they do for me. 

Happy Tuesday (although it will most likely be wednesday when you're reading this!)  

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