10 on Tuesdays Vol.2

With us having the biggest snowfall in Texas history (12.5 inches in 24 hours) it feels like it's been one long weekend since last Tuesday. I'm not complaining… because I LOVE weekends because it's time with my husband!! And this weekend was wonderful. 

1. We rented movies and actually watched them. (that's rare for us)  We watched The Hurt Locker, (surprisingly I loved it, wasn't expecting that) Couples Retreat (didn't like it… way too much arguing and awkward moments) and Love Happens. (okay, SLOW movie BUT it's a great movie about how grief affects a person and I think I was really able to relate to so much of the movie just having had lost someone, but it's not the romantic comedy I was expecting.) Love Happens had GREAT artistic videography! Hurt Locker was filmed very well too. As an artist myself I appreciate when movies take the artistic measures up a notch, August Rush was a good example of that.    

2. For Valentines day we had Champagne Truffles (my personal very favorite chocolate) and these sweet and salty brownies from a bakery in NYC (our most favorite city ever!!) They were good to have because they were dark chocolaty and rich so a little was very satisfying!   

February 2010-102

3. Zoe was a bundle of Red and Hearts and was very ado(red) all day on Valentines Day!! Thanks Kristin for loving her with these outfits. The first outfit was actually given to us by her the Valentines we were expecting Asher… who knew 2 years later it would be worn by an adored little girl. *seeing her in it made me miss Asher but yet there was something very right about it getting worn after two very long years! 

Zoe valentines day '10-1 February 2010-62 

February 2010-66
Zoe valentines day '10-5 

Zoe valentines day '10-6
 Zoe valentines day '10-4
Zoe valentines day '10-9 

 4. Jack, Who is 4 months old Today,  started rolling over this weekend. We'll come into his room in the mornings to find a very MAD Jack on his back and not liking it one little bit. He also is standing in the exersaucer and loves playing in there and watching his sister play around him.  

February 2010-5
February 2010-11 

February 2010-12
February 2010-39 

5. This month is a busy one in regards to church happenings. Dan's going to a men's retreat next weekend, we get to go through the membership meetings and finally become official, we are going to their FAM (foster and adoption) ministry meetings the next two weeks….I'm really looking forward to making connections there with families who are wanting to adopt/foster and those who have already have been doing it for a while. Have I mentioned yet that I love our new small group? I think we have like 14 ladies in it… and they are all so unique and beautiful and I can't wait to know them better and hear their stories of God's working in their lives. 

6. I am NOT a morning person… neither is Zoe. :o) We wake up nice and slow and don't like to talk much first thing. Jack loves morning time and he's so sweet that his little coo's are just what I need in the mornings to wake me up and still get my cuddles in.  Weekends are interesting…. because Dan gets up early and is ready to take on the day full force…. while I'm looking at him like he's crazy for wanting to go anywhere before noon.  

February 2010-28 February 2010-25

7. Here is what our apartment complex looked like this weekend. 

February 2010-55
February 2010-56
February 2010-44

8. I LOVE LOVE organization/office stuff but am the least organized person ever! Are any of you like this… you want a room to look a certain way but if you don't have all the space /organization tools/things needed to make that happen you just live with it looking terrible? I'm really bad for that. Or you get a system…files/stickers/binders only for it to be one more thing that is unorganized and adds to your clutter?  Help me HGTV! And looking at this magazine when it comes out only makes me drool! Ultimately I think it's just something that I have to change inside of me and become more disciplined with… not just something a better system will fix. 

 9. This Blog post I came across this week has really impacted me and I think it's a beautiful story of a mothers love and what grief feels like (this is the closest to someone explaining what grief in a hospital bed felt like for me… yes, her loss is different than mine but grief can often look the same no matter what is lost)  I will continue to read and follow this family's journey and be encouraged to value the little things.    

10. I LOVE my husband!! Many of you know that we've been through a lot together.  We were telling my brother the other day about our dating experiences… (yes, we dated 4 different times…which meant 3 breakups!)  and  I'm a believer that God usually grows a person in certain ways before getting married… God just happen to let each of us have a front row seat to those changes throughout those first 4 years of knowing each other. God brought us from very different backgrounds and life experiences and struggles but yet put us together to live together, love each other, parent together, fight sin hand in hand and back to back, wipe each other's tears, make the other laugh, listen to our most secret thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears, encourage each other to be the best but that we don't love less when we're at our worst, to push each other out of our comfort zones when needed yet also to reel back into comfort zones when danger lurks outside them, to provide clarity when the fog has set in, to remind the other of the HOPE that is set before us and the GRACE that is needed to live this life of self-sacrifice and joy! 

I love you Dan. with all my heart! Always have. Always will. I'm so glad God saw fit to give you to me. I'm so thankful that you are the one I get to live life with. I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. Thank you for loving me….unconditionally. Thanks for being my valentine…every day. 

 * picture by Julie Kirby

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