little man Jack ~ 3 months old

I can't believe it but he is already 3 months old. And it seems like he's getting bigger by the day. He's eating wonderfully and LOVES to be talked to. He's a great sleeper and sleeps through the night all the time now.  

I'm really glad the newborn weeks are behind us and I love more and more seeing his personality come out and watching him observe the world around him. He's weighing in over 12 lbs now and it's fun to have such a solid baby (zoe was sooooo tiny for so long, still is kinda)  And we think that his medicaid will actually get processed and be in place this month. So that's a huge praise. 

No word on his parents and how the next 6 months will look like… I think it will just be one of those things that it will be a wait and see type of situation. But I just sent them a ton of photos and updates on him so I know they will be happy to see those and see his progress in life. 

In so many ways I can't imagine our family without him but at the same time I know that God is sovereign over all details and timings.  It's nice to know that he isn't being hurt or negatively impacted by his parents mistakes at least not right now. He is just happy and relaxed that someone is making his bottle, changing his diaper, and holding him when he cries. When he's been taken care of, He is just lovin life. :o) It's sweet.  

** and THANKS so much Julie K. and Johnita for all the clothes. Thanks to ya'll he's one fashionable kid!




 His little double chin and chubby face is sooooo presh!! 

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