Happy New Years ! !

I hope you had a wonderful New Years. I did. New Years Eve we went to dinner with John and Sarah and then watched the ball drop on TV. (wasn't too impressed with the entertainment this year.) It was strange because we're an hour ahead of New York so it was only 11 when the Celebration peaked.  But it was still festive. We even got to see the fireworks from downtown out our back door. (that's how flat and wide open Texas land is)  

For New Years Day, we celebrated at my in-laws place by having the traditional Black Eyed Peas and a tradition from Judy's heritage called Olie Bollen. Which is a dutch donut of sorts with raisins in it. It was new to me when I joined the family but I have come to love them and look forward to her making them each year.  




I do have a New Year's Resolution which I'm going public with on January 11th. So stay tuned. :o)  

I am hopeful and really looking forward to 2010. 2009 was great but I was okay to see it go. 

I want to thank each of you for walking with me this past year and being there to listen and read as I process and grow and move forward in this journey/adventure God has me on. You are a part of my life and I know that many of your prayers have proven effectual in my life and in the life of those I write about. I will need you this coming year as I continue to battle sin in this fallen world and in my weary body. I hope to encourage you and pray for you as well. And may we all make MUCH of Jesus this year and the Amazing Hope the Gospel brings to each of our lives. 

Love you and Happy New Year! 

Here's some pics of the kids in their PJ's since we've been spending lots of time at home just veggin and being comfortable and cozy! 





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