Zoe’s first birthday: the party!

I think I went crazy with pink! I can't help it, why are pink things so much fun to buy and shop for? (and for those of you who don't know me too well, you have to know this, I'm a color theme fanatic. I mean, I love gift bags to match the gift, I love having everything be the right shade of color. I secretly assign colors to certain friends and then give them stuff in that color, I put off decorating my home sometimes because I can't land on the perfect color scheme for the room. It's bad. But I think having that quirk makes me a better photographer… and really love weddings! 

So, back to the Pink! 

Anyway, I had lots of creative inspiration for this day and somethings came together and some things did not. (thankfully Angey was helping  me make the cake balls and so we were laughing about them otherwise I know I would have cried.) But all in all It was a wonderful gathering of family who really blessed us and her with their presence and the gifts they gave her. Thank you Family!! 




It's not a Nichols Celebration without Rice Krispie Treats! 


It's not a Chappell Celebration without Sugar Cookies! 


The inspiration behind these is Here   So, you can see why I wasn't too impressed with my version of them. Oh well, they still tasted great!  

Like my bunting? That's what the technical term for the fabric flags are called. I made them  and used them for decorations and will hang them in her room afterwards. :o) 


These prayers will go into her baby book. And how blessed are we to be surrounded by many who are also praying for our daughter to grow up to be a godly woman. (aunt brittany made her that bunny!) 



We had a special brithday dress made for her! Thanks Cecilia! 


We could not get her to make a mess with the cake for anything! She's a very neat eater. Won't put anything in her mouth until the previous bite is all swallowed. So, no messy mouth pics this year! 


Her most favorite bloomers!! 




Love us some Baby Mabel!! (who might I add will definitely pass Zoe up in height/weight SOON!)




Gotta Love a Classic. 


Zoe LOVES figuring out how something fits together. She's always putting stuff in stuff. She figured out how to flush the toilet, open a drawer, drain the tub all in the same afternoon. Maybe this will keep her more occupied for a while. 



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