she’s got legs and she knows how to use them

That's right, she's off and walking! She loves it. She follows me around all day and it's really so cute.  She loves to haul toys around that are really too big for her to carry but she likes to drag them around anyways. :o)  And she learned to sign "more" in sign language. That might be the extent of signing for her or maybe not. But she picked that one up quick. I guess it's because she's loving eating these days. She's funny about texture but she's a good sport about most things. 

We celebrated her #1 birthday with a cupcake and a few gifts (her new baby doll was and still is  HUGE hit! She loves giving her doll kisses and loves!)  but we're waiting on my whole family to get here next weekend for Jeremiah's wedding to have her big birthday party!! It's going to be so much fun. I've loved planning it. 

I can't believe she's #1!! She's so much fun at this age. Love it!! 



She liked playing in it more than eating it. strange woman! 




New clothes. She is growing out of clothes so fast now these were definitely needed. 


A doll baby that looks a lot like her! :o) 



Nothing says I love you like a french kiss from a 1 year old! 


So, how does this bottle taste? 


Ohhhh… feed the baby! 


My baby!


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