A much needed visit from Ang

I didn't realize how much I needed her there until I dropped her back off at the airport and I had had a big lump in my throat all that morning and I felt a part of me leaving when I drove off. I thought about holding her captive longer… but I thought that probably wouldn't fare too well on getting her back here anytime soon. :o)  

She came to help shoot my brother's wedding and was a HUGE help to me that weekend. But really she was just refreshing and soothing to my heart to have her here period. She was able to love on my babies, girl talk with me, help me with zoe's birthday party, shoot a wedding, help with rehearsal dinner, and help me with our first ever photo booth at a wedding. (more pics on that later)  We even got to see her family and have lunch with them too. Love me some Salmons! 

 Angey, you are a true friend, a best friend and I love you and I'm so glad you came!!  Thanks Wes, for letting her come! I know you missed her lots. 







K and I always tease her about how mouth wide open is her default photo pose! :o) We love you ang! Kristin, We MISSED you Big time!! 


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