My 11 month old sweetheart

She truly is a sweetheart. Loves to give kisses whenever we ask for them and wakes up happy every morning ready to snuggle with her mom.  Yesterday she was taking a nap and I couldn't help but to take these pics of her sweet feet under her sweet bum. 



And yes, Girls are so much fun to dress up and so Dan and I LOVE getting her all dolled up to go anywhere. If we find ourselves in a Baby Gap… it's over. She just is so much fun to get stuff for. So every now and then we'll get her an outfit and Grandma Judy bought her these cute crocheted hats with bows and OMG does she ever look precious in them…. especially since she doesn't have much hair to keep her warm these days. 


Check out those two front teeth! She now has 3 on top and 1 on the bottom. 



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