Meet Little Man Jack

Jack… it means God is Gracious. And indeed He is and undoubtably will prove so in the months to come as we parent this little one and watch where the Lord places him long term. 

This is a special name that we named him. We choose a different name than what's on his birth certificate for several reasons. 1. For Privacy reasons, If I'm blogging about him online I'd rather not use a name that other's might want to look up for any reason regarding his foster time here or long term placement. 2. We really love the name, and if we do adopt him it will be his name forever. 3. We love this name and meaning paired with his name his mother gave him. 

But We are soooooo happy to have him in our home. We had a great night lat night and the little guy is eating well. He's pretty content and loves to be held and rocked. And Praise the Lord he takes a pacifier really well. Something Zoe never did. (she sucks her tongue when she has something soft next to her face…it's so interesting.) 

Here are some photos I took this morning. He's still  tiny and really hasn't grown into his own body yet, but he's a handsome guy.  




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