make new friends… keep the old.

While I don't think I'm doing the former as much as I should since we moved here. I have reconnected with several old friends.   Tiffany is one of those friends. We figured it out that we met when we were both 14 at a conference in Indianapolis. Became pen pals (I'm so going to encourage my daughter to have pen pals) And Tiff was a letter writing machine… long beautiful letters. That's what teens did before facebook/email I guess.  Anyway, then I went and visited her in GA a few years later and then….. we basically didn't reconnect until a year or two ago. She really encouraged me as we lost our son and missed him greatly.  

So, when we found out they were coming to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving. We jumped at the opportunity to get together (they live in CO. right now) So I got to meet her 5 beautiful sons and I couldn't resist but to take some photos of them. Boys are so fun to photograph I think because they warm up so fast and then start showing off and that's FUN to photograph!  

Here is their slideshow:

Tiff, You're an amazing mother and I loved meeting your sons and getting to know them. And getting to see you again after all these years. It was as if being 14 and pen pals was just yesterday! 





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