Little Man

 I'm coming to get you today!! 

You just got out of the hospital yesterday, Grandma Joy came to pick you up and she spent the day and last night with you. Her voice was full of that "newborn giddiness" that just happens when you have a baby around you for any length of time. Yesterday was also your original due date. You were born quite early and the Doctors think you were even earlier than thought. But you proved to be a fighter. And God was gracious to you and helped you grow and become stronger and learn those basic things. We are so grateful to Him and those things are answered prayers for many. 

I couldn't sleep last night because I was excited. It seriously felt just like Christmas Eve, you can't go to sleep but you know if you just could tomorrow would come so much faster. And then I woke up this morning I bounded out of bed to get ready. I'm coming to get you today!! You have so many new aunts and uncles and grandparents ready to meet you when you get here. And so many more ready to love you when they see you for the first time.  

God created you at the perfect time in history. You weren't an accident of nature, you were ordained by a King. You have undoubtably changed lives already. I know your mother thought so much about you as you grew in her tummy. I know you helped bring joy into her life as she is going through a hard time right now. You probably reminded her often that God is the creator of life and that He is in charge of all things. Your father has already written me and told me how much he loves you and can't wait to see you. You have also been a great encouragement to him as well and I think he's going to be a good father to you even if he can't hold you or take care of you right now. 

You aren't mine. or your daddy's. But we will love you as our own until God allows you to become ours forever or till you go to live with your mother or father… and even then we'll still love you.  We are thankful that God is bringing you into our life and home. I know you will teach us so much about love and parenting and about being patient and selfless… and a host of other things. 

You have a big sister who doesn't really understand you're coming. She will soon enough. She's amazing and I hope you grow to be good friends and very close. She'll need a brother to help look after her when she's older and I know she'll love on you a lot… she's getting really good at giving kisses. You have a sister and a brother who live far away but I know they will want to know you as they get older as well. So, little man. You are loved and will be loved well.  

So, Let me just say that your mommy and daddy are glad you are coming to live with us and know that you will change our lives. We can't wait to meet you and are giddy with excitement as most new parents are. I pray that God uses you in all kinds of people's lives to show His Love and graciousness to. 


Your Mommy for now and maybe always.   

P.S. I'm coming to get you today!! 

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