Zoe’s first Halloween

One of Dan and I's first arguments during dating was actually on the subject of Halloween and how our kids would celebrate or not celebrate it….I think we even got on the santa clause or no santa clause issue as well. Yep, we hit the road running when it came to dating.  Looking back I wouldn't recommend talking about your future kids and how you will raise them on one of your first dates with someone. Little did either of us know then.  

I, having a tendency to want to be legalistic and wanting rules to follow, held to the fact that never would my kids celebrate this holiday, except maybe in a safe fall festival environment. Dan however grew up having wonderful memories of this fun filled day for their family. And as is the case with so many things Dan and I have come together and have made this what we feel it should be for our family. It's amazing the leading and the wisdom and peace that God gives parents in decisions when that time comes in their life to make them. And He is the one that each of us are accountable to in these decisions. So we are all free to respect each other in how we celebrate, how we not celebrate, how we live each and every day according to the leading of God in our own families.  

This was a great article I read today and really encouraged me about this holiday in particular. 


This year, we had a wonderful day together and went to brunch at a mom and pop pancake house here in Fort Worth and then to Sam's club. As usual Zoe got tons of attention and sporting her new crocheted hat with a bow only brought oodles and ahhs from all…. even the oldest little men stop and talk to her. I love it. So, all you shy people with little ones, I don't see how you do it when you go out shopping.  

We really would have loved to have a neighborhood to walk around in and get to know our neighbors but living in seminary housing most people were out at their own church's event or desiring to stay in with their families. We look forward to possibly having a new neighborhood next year to walk around and get to know.  So tonight we headed out to our church The Village in Dallas. we walked Zoe around and met some great people. It's hard being at a brand new church and not knowing anyone. They have four services on sunday so even meeting someone, you might not run into them again if they go to different services than you. But Dan and I really love this church already and can't wait to see how God will use them in our lives and vice versa we hope.  So, meeting people tonight was a blessing… although come to think of it I don't know if I"ll recognize Thing 1 and Thing 2 or the Chinese Geisha even if we were at the same service. :o) oh, well… hopefully they'll have less trouble recognizing this cute leopard and come up to us when we meet again. 

I hope you had a wonderful day today! 





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