Trips to Raleigh

If you asked me at the beginning of this summer how in the world I was going to make all the trips, shoot and edit all the weddings, settle into my apartment, and stay sane!! I would have told you only by God's grace and that I couldn't think about it because I didn't have the strength then and that God would have to give it to me day by day. And You know what?? That's exactly what happened. Day by day, trip by trip, wedding by wedding God sustained us and looking back it's been an amazing wonderful summer and the beginnings of fall. 

Each flight I had amazing flight attendants and EVERY single flight one of them offered to hold Zoe for a while for me. I even had a security worker tell me she's noticed I fly a lot and that I've done a great job with flying with a baby. Each trip I"ve been able to visit with people and even though I leave still wanting more of them I am so thankful that I've had the opportunity to not have a sudden spanse of distance and time between my friends and I. 

Each wedding has been wonderful and let me just take a second and shamelessly brag about my photography team. Kristin and Angey are AMAZING!! They complete me artistically. And I have so much joy working alongside my BEST friends! I mean, who gets to do that? I am always turning around to see them serving the guests and bridal party at weddings, and Kristin most always sheds a tear at the ceremony, Angey ends up having bff's with the bridesmaids, and as we head home after a long long day we get giddy happy and have even been suspected of drinking by convience store workers because something cracked us up and we couldn't stop laughing! Oh the joys and memories!!!  They are wonderful blessings in my life and I wouldn't love my job near as much without them. So here's to many more weddings together! 

And having my inlaws and Sister and brother in law nearby when I visit has been a lifesaver. I've borrowed cars, needed rides, crashed on couches and beds, ate their food, used their computers… you name it they have served me. Zoe has been well cared for even when she's had double ear infections. Grandparents are Awesome!!  

So, Here's to looking to the coming months and desiring to live by God's strength alone day by day and moment by moment!! He has been faithful and I have found Him to be enough for me. 

* I"m on a Sinatra kick lately so turn up the volume, drink some coffee or cider and just soak up the season!

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