I miss april

I can't help but to miss that girl. I don't think she will ever know the extent to which God used her to change my life.  

I wanted to update you on what she's been up to. But I think it's just amazing to look at where God has brought her from: 

August 2008: met her on the street, she worked everyday and into the night and early mornings. Larissa who was also a prostitute came over 2 days after Asher died and fell apart in my living room crying because she couldn't understand why my baby had died and then told me about April. She was so mad that here was a woman who wouldn't come to grips that she was pregnant and stop doing drugs (now mind you Larissa herself has given up 3 or 4 children to the care of her parents because she won't stop either! we addressed that often.)   

September 2008: took April a rice krispie treat and a long letter explaining how wonderfully her baby is created within her and that I had a lot of baby stuff for her . Began a weekly relationship with her usually over a bowl of mac and cheese. *I thought that's what she liked and she kept asking for it… then another girl told me that she joked about all I made was mac-n-cheese! :O) So then I tried other things… and come to realize April loved variety! that girl LOVED the food network so we bonded over many a rachel ray shows. It's amazing how something non personal can get someone talking about personal things like upbringing, memories, life! 

December 2008: Amazed that she is still pregnant. She admits to doing alcohol and weed EVERY day! She comes over to visit Zoe pretty often but not too much. One day she starts crying and admits she's been in denial of her pregnancy. We talk a lot about the baby. She gets a BAD cough. I continue to pray along with so many.   She spends Christmas with us. :o) 

January 2009: She has the baby. no complications. Just a healthy beautiful baby.  Social Services are called and it's deemed that the baby should be in foster care until April gets her head on straight. Dan and I pick her up from the hospital and she wants to be taken to an apartment near us… she has a court date the next day. Next day she is no where to be found. Tash gets placed in a home. Go search for her and find her on the street. I was angry and almost lost it. Dan showed extreme mercy and compassion on both of us. April was angry but somehow decided to gather all her stuff from the street homes she had and come with us to rehab.   

February: Spent three weeks in Rehab and started becoming a different person than I had really known. Really liked what I was seeing. Got Tash back and went to Penbrooke and was there at a home for 5 months. Then came back to Raleigh once she got full custody back of Tash. 

June: Went to a Restoration Home, but due to personality conflicts and some anger issues left there and went to the rescue mission.  

July/August : Was in and out of Mission places and it was in these months that I wasn't sure that April wouldn't end up back on the streets. She was tasting "independence" and liking it. She hates authority and was starting to hate me. I backed off big time and really had to deal with the hurt that I was having over her choices. Learned a lot about trusting God in a persons life and letting go of the need to control things. 

September: It's like something clicked for her (I hope) she set her mind to doing what she was supposed to at the Salvation Army and has been there up until last week. She even came to church a few times and has shown a lot more trust in others when it comes to telling the truth and interaction with Tash. She's looking more and more like a experienced mom and relaxing a little more. 

October 2009: She moved into a program in North Raleigh for mothers of babies who have come out of addictions. She has told me she really likes it there. She has mentioned that Penbrooke experience has helped her know that some of what she doesn't like is just how it is when you have several women together under one roof. (That's HUGE for her to say!) She texts me occasionally about Tash's development and what she's up to.  

She has been off the street for 9 months!!! She has a heathy 9 month old son!!! 

Those are things we asked for God to do but back then couldn't see how that would ever happen. 

I can't imagine what another 9 months will bring. Will it be more transformation? I want her to know Christ as I know Him so much. It's hard to imagine her heart desiring the things of God but I know just as God has brought her through these changes, He can do so much more and He truly is the only one who can reach within her and give her a new heart with new desires.  

So, I hope this timeline causes you to rejoice at God's hand in her life. He can take prostitutes off streets and make them mommies who care for their babies. And I hope it reminds you to keep praying, because she needs a Father who cares for His babies. She needs eternal change. eternal hope. eternal life! 

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