Okay its time….

To BLOG!! 

It's been forever and my mind knows it. It's jammed full with stuff I've been meaning to blog. So for the sake of clearing my mind I need to start writing again. 

What I've done new and fun lately: 

Became an aunt to Mabel Kate Shook

Tried new places here in Texas to eat, including Babe's -the best chicken place ever! Cousins Barbque, Fuzzy's Tacos – oh my love their tacos!  

Tried new recipes here in the worlds smallest kitchen : including enchiladas, quiche, pumpkin white chocolate muffins, (I just used this recipe and put white choc chips into it) It's amazing!! 

Started reading the Harry Potter Series. – I love that God has given us imagination and the wisdom to know what is true and what is fiction, And like so many book series that I love It's been interesting to see themes of  honor, bravery, sacrifice and forgiveness develop. 

Began drinking a nutrient shake every day. okay well, today's day 2 but still…  
It's packed full of vitamins and nutrients and tastes like granola! It's awesome except one thing. It's totally GREEN in color. Making it not really appealing to the eye.  But I'm happy knowing I"m getting a lot of my daily vitamins and more in one great tasting drink. 

Some random things about me : 

When I'm not actually shooting weddings a ton, I find that I have all this creativity starting to build up and I want to take on projects that I have not the time nor the money for. Like making little girl dresses, or crocheting hats with big flowers on them, or creating a business logo and color scheme…5 years and still no logo or scheme!, finishing scrapbooking,  

Things I need to make time for but find it hard to, reading God's word, reading to Zoe, exercise, organizing,  

Things I'm spending a lot of time doing, Editing…editing…editing! Dan usually knows when a productive editing day was had when he walks in the house and things are pretty much the way they were the day before. It's like being in a warp world of image editing. Hours fly by and slowly but surely weddings emerge from raw files to a day of relived priceless moments that often move me to tears even after spending weeks on them.  

Small things that have really blessed my life in a BIG way lately: 

The constant breeze here in Texas… it's just so refreshing and so symbolic of renewal and change to me.   

Having my brother next door, almost every day he pops in to say hi and give zoe some sugars and I just love seeing him and watching God just grow and change him into a man who desires to live for justice and to show God's glory in that justice.   

Couponing and cooking….. It's something that I've been wanting to do more of since we got married five years ago. And finally I'm doing it regularly. And I'm very aware of God's grace over me in doing this too, because I tend to go in blazing and when I fail I react strongly and want to give up. So even when the blender explodes hot tomato soup everywhere or when a know nothing Kroger manager tells me it'll only double 3 of the 20+ coupons I have…. I have perservered and not gotten angry or started crying.  The whole experience has brought  me a lot of joy and a quest to know more about running my home with wisdom and dependance on Grace.   

Unexpected Friends…. I've met a flight attendant who we totally got to swap adoption stories and cry over losses, I've met a gal who we totally hit it off at a women's meeting and then at the end find out we're both photographers who have kids 2 weeks apart, I have friends here who I haven't seen or spent time with in over 10 years and I've been able to visit with and get reconnected into their life, And because I work from my computer a lot I've really been able to connect with others online where it doesn't matter where I live because of the internet!   

It isn't small in any way but the church we've decided to go to, the village. The truths that are being taught there have been really impacting both Dan and My life. Last week we went to a new campus that has been opened up in Dallas and God really gave Dan and I both direction in going there and are really hopeful in all that God will do in and through us while serving and living life with this body of believers. 

The growing desire in our family to adopt again. :o)  

she's small in size but the impact my 10 month old is having on my life is HUGE! …. I'll save more on this for my next post. 
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