Mabel Kate Shook

Mabel Kate was born on August 28th at 10:38 a.m at the Chapel Hill Birthing Center. she was 7lbs. 12 ozs. and was 20 1/2 inches long.  And my amazing sister labored and gave birth to this doll baby all natural. yep, no drugs. She said she almost couldn't do it but Bradley was the most amazing labor coach. (I guess he lives up to his name, haha a little labor humor for ya!) And my mom who has extensive knowledge in this field was a huge help as well. 

I have the most cutest niece ever!! I am going to get to hold her this next week and I CAN'T WAIT!!  so here are some of the photos the amazing Angey Price took.

 I'm so wondering what Zoe is going to do or react to her when they are together. They are going to be pals growing up I know. 


I HEART this one!!! 

Great job Angey on the photos! Great job Brittany and Bradley on making one cute kid! 
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