do you know what you do to me girl?

I don't think so. But then again, you gotta know your momma loves you because you light up for me hundreds of times a day. You have brought so much joy into my life each and every day. 

You get up each morning happy and ready to be held. I love the sweet kisses you give me. You are pretty content to crawl and play with markers or a piece of paper, sometimes I feel bad when I realize that I haven't put a toy in reach but no worries for you, you just play with whatever is nearby analyzing each little seam or mark or texture on it. You're very detailed and thoughtful. You don't dare make a move without thinking it through. So, it may be a while before you take that first walk. But you challenge yourself all the time… you have this game you like to play by seeing how long you can stand up on your own even if something to hold on to is right there. 

You are ALWAYS up for dancing. And can start dancing to the slightest background music in a commercial or in a store. I'm amazed that you pick out that a song is playing with all that goes on around you.   
Speaking of stores, It's like you know you're on display when people stop and talk and play with      you. You willingly would go home with them or so you make them think. ;o) It's given me lots of opportunities to share about how God brought you into our life.  You charm most every person you meet.  

At home, you want to be right near me all the time these days. So even when I'm going from room to room you grab onto my pant leg and half walk/half pulled to where ever I"m headed.  You play at my feet when I'm working on the computer and when I look down at you you never fail to give me a huge toothless grin back.  

You are about to get your first two teeth and have been a champ about teething. You like to suck on soft materials so often my shirt gets wet whenever I hold you because you find an area and just suck on it. It's really quite cute when you do it. 

You love Yo'Gabba Gabba on Noggin and get so excited when it comes on. My favorite to watch with you though is Wonderpets. I sing to you all the time and like my friends know, often it's a bunch of songs that I know the tune to but end up making up my own words… you never mind.  You love watching me do farm animal sounds over and over again. And just this week have really liked reading books… over and over again….and mama loves making up her own words to those too. :o)  

Often you take afternoon naps with Daddy, and have let him in your "Momma's girl world" more often lately. But if you're sleepy…watch out, only mom will do.  But I know he loves seeing your sweet smile when he gets home from work and class every day. He puts you to bed pretty much every night too.  

I can't believe you're almost 10 months old. You'll be a year soon. Goodness! But I just want  you to know that you have made the past 10 months the happiest I could ever have imagined and never could have imagined just 14 months ago.  You have been used by God in ways only a BIG AMAZING GOD could make happen. And I'm so grateful to Him for you and for "mamaca" who sacrificed so much so you wouldn't ever have to. I am one blessed mommy. And like your big brother in heaven, God has used your life to change me forever and I hope He keeps using you to change me, because I like who I'm becoming. 



My view when cooking or doing the dishes or pretty much anything these days! Love it! 

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