Celebrate good times, come on!

I hope you don't mind being taken from my depths of sorrow and empathy to the heights of joy and celebration with my blog posts.  

One thing about me is that I love life celebrations and those come in very many different ways. I guess we often call them events but they come in ways of births, and graduations, and birthdays, and weddings, and homecomings, and goodbyes, and moves, and trips, and deaths and funerals. 

They all scream the sustaining power of God. And they remind me that growth is always happening… yes, there is only a certain amount of growth that is humanly possible here on earth but that is one of my MOST FAVORITE aspects of heaven that I've come to learn the past few years.. is that there is no limit to the growth there. Pick an aspect and it's indefinite what you will be able to learn about or from it.  

Beauty will always grow, Knowledge, Love, Honor, Joy, Experience, they will never come to an end there.  

So, while I am so contented to celebrate all I can here….and Celebrate BIG!   I can't wait for a heavenly celebration that is going to … well be the Party to end all parties and the Party that will never end. 

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