growing and changing… inside and out.

What have I been up to lately??  Well, keeping up with this little one and watching her grow and change right before my eyes. It's been such a joy! Just a few things about her, she still doesn't like baby food very much, or lets just say she has her days that she likes it and then she won't the next. She loves some noggin TV. Sometimes while I'm editing I set her in her exersaucer for a show or two. She watches it intently.  
She is in 3 diapers now and 6-9 month outfits. So, it's nice that she's finally caught up with her age sizewise. We still get weird looks at the grocery store when she's just riding in the cart sitting up by herself. I guess they think she's too little.   
She is still very much a momma's girl… except when Aunt Jessica is around and then it's all about Jess. Something tells me that won't change much through the years. 
She is waving bye bye and "sings" when she's happy and content. She loves crawling all over the house and even will pause when I say "no" so She's learning like crazy. 

As for me, I know I've been MIA on here lately, and it's not because I don't have anything to say, I just have been really pressed for time with wedding season editing on my plate! And it is partly because there has been so much that God has been teaching me lately that honestly I haven't really gotten it out of my thoughts and processed enough to put into words yet… does that make sense? I hope so. God's been at work in us this month! And He has been so good to show Himself faithful, strong and very much capable of changing us from one glory to another! 
More on that to come….  

But for now, here is a little video to just capture my thoughts of late into a few minutes of zoe girl!! 

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