Aprils Choices

After a few different living situations that she found to be too difficult for her to live at, she is now living at the Raleigh Rescue Mission and trying to get on track with one of their Rehabiliation programs where she would eventually become independent and living on her own. 

God has really taught me a lot though her lately. She and I have gone through some tough weeks and she has shown her true unredeemed colors when faced with accountability and care if it meant getting in the way of something she wanted. For about a week I basically wanted to disown her friendship and then after a good cry I realized that I was wanting something from her that only God can do in her heart. So compassion and a proper understanding took the place of the hurt and anger, and I began to really pray to the One who can change her. 

I love that girl. I really do and I think she has been a wonderful caring mother to Tash. It's hard being away from Raleigh but it's also given me more opportunity to pray because I can't be there to help her whenever she calls. 

So, friends, pray hard for her. She's been to church several times at TCC lately and I hope she continues to come since she can walk to it that morning. 

I"ll keep you posted on her and thank you to you ones who have loved her with gifts and time and effort and compassion and care. Keep it up. What an investment in the Kingdom! I have had to come to the understanding that none of my actions when spirit led are in vain no matter what April chooses to do or say or if she continues to live with bad choices or even if one day we never hear from her again. She's a created soul that the Creator knows every tiny detail about and He is sovereign over both her and Tash.  
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