all things made new

We love Jesus today as we think on our son and play with our daughter. She has no idea the miracle that she is and the testimony to God's sovereign grace that she represents. We are sorrowful today but yet rejoicing. We are reminded that for the believer death is not the end, it is the beginning of eternal life with Jesus. We will behold him face to face (Come Quickly Lord Jesus)! What a difference a year makes. Today we remember the passing of our son and celebrate his wholeness with Jesus. Our hearts are full, so many thoughts and feelings. We hate and love the memories of the hospital. Hate because this was the place we will never forget when we had to say goodbye to Asher but Love because it was the place that the Church gathered to love on us and our friends and family were part of God's showering grace. We cannot thank so many of you who deserve it. Those of you who were part of our sadness and our triumph this year. Know that we love you and remember your part in God's unveiling love to us this year. 
We long for Jesus more today (what a grace). Longing for Revelation 21 to be fulfilled when he will wipe away all tears and there will be no more crying and all things will be made new. The Cross guarantees this day will come and we see the ongoing work of the cross in our life today. I hope today that so many of you who were and are a part of our lives will hope in God and long for Jesus to be made known in your life wether in sorrow or joy. We love you all. Thank you for remembering this day with us and our son with us (we miss you buddy).

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