A visit to his grave

Angey and Wes went with Brittany and Bradley to the grave today to remember Asher's birthday. Dan's parents also went and brought some flowers and a balloon. This meant a lot to us as we aren't able to be there to go. A gravestone used to not mean much to me but now after having to design and order one for my son, they mean so much more. It's very symbolic and a very concrete reminder of just how fleeting this life is and how yes, we impact the world we're in while we are here and that's very important but put it along side countless other headstones and you realize that we have a certain amount of time to be here but we were created with eternal souls that eventually have to leave these broken imperfect bodies. I'm so grateful my hope is placed in the One who thought of creating eternal souls and making a way for those souls to abide perfectly whole and happy in His presence. Life is a vapor. Keeping that fact before me really helps to keep an open hand on so many other things that don't really matter when put on the grid of eternity.

But one thing that I do think is important even with eternity in mind… is Birthdays! Thanks everyone for remembering and celebrating Asher's.     


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