The Trip to Texas

Before we left Raleigh I was in a bad mood for a few days and I think it was because I knew I had to say goodbye to my beloved home, street, neighbors, and my son's gravesite. That area of town really dug in deep to my soul and has changed me forever. I didn't know so much would ever happen there and that I would be impacted with souls who are kindred and live next door, souls who are lost and blind who would knock on my door and wave at me every day,a soul who would give birth to a soul that is a miracle, and a soul who would never see that street with his eyes but would leave his body nearby while he forever enjoys the face and glories and delights of our Savior.  We said goodbye and it took a good 1000 miles before those sorrows lifted off my heart and mind. Sure to be revisited again and never forgotten and always aware from whose Hands they were given by. I'm left humbled, grateful and full of expectation. 

What a great trip we had. I am very lucky to have a husband who is always looking for adventure especially when we travel and in-laws who were game for new sights!  
*traveling snack of choice. :o) 

We headed to Atlanta and went downtown and saw the Olympic Fountains and sat there a while. I loved seeing all the kids run around getting soaked and can't wait till zoe and her future brothers or sisters will be old enough to run and scream through fountains like that. 

We took the Chappells to the top of the Westin and saw the Atlanta skyline and surrounding areas. Then we stayed the night at My brother John's In laws house. (Sarah's parents) What a welcome and blessing they were to us. They fed us and sent us to bed and fed us a kings breakfast the next morning. Thank you Walkers!! You're such a blessing and I'm so glad we're family! 

Next stop was New Orleans. Can I say I just loved New Orleans. It exceeded my expectations for that city. Such a flare!!! love it. We ate at Emerils and had wonderful food there, it all had the BAM! factor. :o) Except that Judy ordered redfish and ended up with Rabbit. Here we were willing our minds to make this interesting dish Redfish and couldn't put our finger on the flavors that were so unexpected from the dish. Then the tab came and it said Rabbit on it and when we asked them, they said yes, that's what you ordered. Now, if the four of us hadn't been so worn out and tired I would imagine we would have made a big issue over it, but we just laughed and then felt a little queasy after the guys started making peter cotton tail jokes about it.   
We ate at Cafe Du Monde and Oh my starry eye surprise…. I LOVE that place. I could eat a ton of those french donuts… I did actually.  That started day three of the trip and we headed down the last stretch towards Fort Worth. 

We got here and Mom fixed us a great dinner and we crashed for the night. Got up the next morning and unloaded the truck. It's hard to imagine a smaller place than what we were living in Raleigh… but this is it. But it's becoming home and it's allowing us to save some money as well. It's hard to not feel as if this street is empty to me, but I know and trust that God has us exactly where He wants us and for His glory and our joy. There are souls nearby and I hope to be impacted by them soon. My brother lives next door and already he has cared for us well just by his coming over and being here. 

Dan and I are funny, he adjusts to change a lot faster than I do and usually by the time I'm getting adjusted and planting my feet good and deep, he's ready for more change. He's really stretched me and convicted me with his willingness to go where God leads with a joyful heart. And I think I bring encouragement to the table when God lets roots grow somewhere and Dan is wanting some change. So we're perfect for each other!! :o)  Speak
ing of, the only thing hotter than the temp (which registered 106 in our car today) is my husband!!  

I photographed a wedding the next day after we moved. (don't recommend that to you photographers out there, but God sustained!) and I'll be off to Florida the day after tomorrow to capture another and then back to Raleigh for yet another! It's wedding season full on right now!~  But we're having fun and having great brides and grooms! 

Zoe is starting to take off crawling and sitting up by herself, it's funny those things somehow happen overnight. She is being a lot more verbal and loves all this attention. 
I had to teach her for the first time what No means today. I was sad and proud all at the same time. I mean we've said no before but not with a smack on the hand and a stern look. whew! She didn't know what to think of that. She kept looking at my face and wondering where my adoring smile was. But I know she has to learn that soon for her safety sake. But it's amazing to me how much she wanted that forbidden thing even when put to the test.  She is constantly teaching me about God and His love for His children. I'm so glad God saw fit to give us her when He didn't have to give us anything.  


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