i miss you blog

I feel so out of touch. I haven't had time or opportunities to write on here and the days and hours are just flying by and filled with so much. 

My trip to texas went wonderful. Zoe did great on the flight and just had a one minute meltdown until I got her bottle ready. But she charms anyone she meets these days. She's a great conversation starter. love it!  She is now in Texas with my parents and 7 of my siblings, 2 dogs and then some! so She's got lots to love on her. And that frees me up to pack and wrap up a lot of work details that I have been really behind on lately. I miss her already yes, but I think after really understanding what it means to give a child back to God forever, I think it's helped me have a lot more open hand to letting others love on and keep Zoe for longer times. I love knowing that she is impacting my family members and that they have so much love to give her. She is blessed. I am blessed to have them in my life. 

I took several times to just go driving in Fort Worth and I now know my way around enough to get to the airport, find target, walmart, starbucks and a host of other shopping. It's really easy layout it seems. Tony (my youngest brother, 13) introduced me to QT his most favorite gas station with tons of slurpie flavors and my family has found a great NY Pizza place. So I feel a little more at home already there. 


I can't wait to write more about my family on here. You will get a kick out of my brothers especially. They are so much fun to be around and such loving kids. Tony and Joel both gave me daily foot rubs. I mean seriously, aren't they awesome! 

So, hopefully I"ll post a few more times on here before we hit the road. We've got a really great road trip planned with Dan's parents to TX. so I'll tell you about that as well.  

Love you all!  
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