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now if you're new to this blog you may be thinking the month of April is long gone. But I'm talking about my friend April who used to be homeless and walking my street just 6 months ago. selling her body to get her a days worth of numbing drugs so she wouldn't have to think of the growing baby inside her. She had a baby boy who was born a miracle and he's doing great. She has completed the rehab and accomplished the goals the state set before her to have full custody of Altashkith."Tash" The place in Pembrooke was seemingly not challenging her enough and she was having some difficulty with some of the women there. (I would think a house full of women with big troubles and stresses wouldn't be very easy to live in) 

Anyway, She came back to Raleigh this week and we have found her a new home for now at a Place called Restoration Ministeries. Ms. Barbara Y. is the woman who has opened up her home for men and women who are trying to get their life on track after derailment. And she really emphasizes the great need for God in their life in order to gain happiness and peace and purpose. They have devotions and bible study and local church involvement there. 

April was, and probably still is, a little nervous and iffy about this place. I mean even at an urban church like TCC she was like a fish out of water, I think anytime you take her away from the streets she's going to be feeling that way for a while. She battles with being in great need but yet being too prideful to ask for help, sometimes she'll even make unwise financial choices because she's too prideful to verbalize her need. I'm really working with her on that.  But I'm realizing that my time to be near in location to her is limited. It's really hard for me to think of moving far away from her. Her little family and my little family have come to really love each other the past year. (I can't believe she's been in my life almost a whole year) That's where I'm hoping and praying the people of God will come in a water these tiny seeds in her life. 

So, I guess I"m begging you for prayers on her behalf. Pray for Salvation. Pray for Wisdom in living and parenting and in hearing the gospel day in and day out there. Pray for Barbara Y. She's a scrappy woman who loves these people but she needs prayer warriors who are praying for her transitional family week by week.  

April has needs in this home. She is working on a job and childcare but a few things are needed for her and Tash until everything can be worked out. After calling about jobs and childcare at a few places I can really see how frustrating it would be to be in her place and needing a job but needing childcare first but in order to pay for childcare she needs a job. ughhh!! not to mention not having a car through all this. Now, don't hear me saying that she didn't bring this on herself. We all have choices in life and she has definitely made a lot of big ones. But I think that it's at desperate times like these that God's Rescuing Love really shines and can enter into a person's life when all other options have failed. He still remains Faithful and True. He saves. And I really am asking Him to Save her.  Also, other's needs is an area where I think the body of Christ as a whole can really shine no matter where you are financially or location.  Here are some of her immediate needs. 
  • It costs $500 a month for her to stay at this amazing place. The local church she'll be involved in will probably be able to help her consistently with different needs and possibly her rent. But I know they will also have more of an opportunity to meet very practical needs that come up each week. Some of you can help who are long distance just by helping sponsor her in part each month. Seriously, a little bit can go a long way.  
  • She has a 5 month old so some of you may have some handmedowns (sz 3 mo+) and could also pick up extra baby food jars or diapers/wipes here and there.  
  • She needs clothes size 14 pants/shorts and L or XL shirts.  
  • She needs encouragement. Maybe a scripture on a card or just some encouraging words or a visit or being able to run her to the store or mall or walk with her and the baby around the neighborhood. 
  • Open Door People: She is going to hopefully be coming to church on sundays and Barbara's house is very close by. So any kindness and endurance (because she might not know how to respond to excessive kindness right now) will go a long way to show the gospel to her. There are several ABF classes talking about ways that they can help in different areas. Ask your friends if they want to join in helping April however you are gifted. I love that about the church body… so many gifts and God uses each and every one to accomplish the work of the kingdom.*   

   If you have the opportunity to help in any of these ways please email me and I'll figure out where and how you can get these things to her.   *Open Door Members I know Kevin and Jessica Jones or Wes and Angey Price will know of ways you can help her as well. 

Here are a few photos from Monday!  Mom, April takes the quilt you made Tash Everywhere!! 
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Tash is wondering what this crazy black girl is shrieking about next to him. He's way chill. :o)
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