a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately.

Funny how I was just saying that I missed alone time and here I am with a few hours of just me and God and my computer time (and a mix of 90's and country music that Dan would never listen to and zoe can't appreciate yet.:o)  And I just wanted to spend a few of these minutes with you. I really love my blog readers! So just to remind all of you… I love you guys.  

Here are some pics from some photo sessions I've done lately. Normally I shoot weddings 90% of the time. ( And I'm right in the middle of a BUSY wedding season. We've had so much fun at each wedding!) But occasionally I find time to squeeze some family life sessions in the mix. These families are each very special to me… 

The Raffertys. Traci and I went to seminary together and she just is a great momma and has really shared in my sorrows this past year. She lost her father this past year and sometimes I can just look in her eyes and I know she is fighting for joy yet embracing the pain. 


The Campbells: Christy and I go WAAAAYY Back. She was a summer missionary at my church when I was 15 I think. She lived with us that summer and she was the most creative person I had ever met. God brought her family and Brittany and I to Seminary the same year and her oldest Abigail was probably one of my first kid photo shoots. She's such a young lady now. 
The Campbells adopted Abe from Ethiopia this year and we had to get a family photo with him in it. I love this family to pieces. I hope God keeps bringing our lives together throughout the years. 

Abigail with Zoe

The Westers: This family has loved me well through the years since coming to North Carolina. They were a family at Wood Baptist where I went to church during college. Sonya and I went on a mission trip together and had an awesome time in Prague! Her girls were very special to me and were both in my wedding 5 years ago. You girls just get more beautiful with every year that goes by. (but I know their daddy and any guy who gets through him will have to be a really good guy)
Here with their cousins. 
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