6 months old

Zoe turned 6  months old this week and she's weighing in at 14lbs 1oz. (she's still wearing sz 1 diapers!!) She's a tiny girl but she's learning so much each and every day it seems. 

She's a momma's girl through and through and it's so hard to get anything done during the day because she just wants to be talked to all the time. She loves interacting with people and loves little details on stuff like zippers, threads, designs, and colors! She's such a girl. 

The Chappell's have a tradition of celebrating the first half birthday so Mrs. Chappell made her a half b-day cake and a present. So we had fun with her opening her present and she loved it! (We are huge UNC fans so the present was just the first of many UNC toys to enter our home in the coming years.)  It is fun to see how she's grown and document the past six months. I have a feeling the next six months will fly by, but looking back it seems like six months ago were years ago.
 I feel as though last year was like a long restless night and this year feels kinda like the morning fog after that night.(you know that feeling when you're so tired you're talking and just hoping you don't say something that doesn't make sense, like one day after pulling a late night for exams my mouth told Angey Happy Birthday when my brain meant to say Have a good day. Oh did we laugh!)   I get very quiet but also affectionate when I'm tired and for some reason I always accomplish more than I think I can when I'm tired I guess because I'm thinking I"m not going to get much done because I need sleep. That's a little similar to my life right now. So often find myself very tired and yet thankful it's morning. I think to myself A LOT, I tend to feel very needy for affection (which zoe gives me thousands of kisses daily.. or should I say I steal them from her!!:o)  And I am still getting photo shoots, editing, traveling, phone calls, packing, planning, cranked out despite not seeming to have any time to do so.  
 God is good and He daily…moment by moment is sustaining me and giving me more grace than ever. I do miss the alone times that I had to just grieve and be alone,  I cherished those intimate days with God, I really did. But I can't imagine life without zoe girl. God is teaching me so much through her and my caring for her and what I feel for her. She is such a good baby. Happy 1/2 birthday sweetheart!  


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