Weekend in Atlanta pt.1

My longtime friend Sami Loe got married this weekend and I was able to go down and do hair for the whole bridal party and enjoy watching her as her father married her to a wonderful guy. It was really great to meet so many of her friends who I felt like I knew after years of hearing about. I love the Loe family. They are so easy to be yourself around and they LOVE the lord and people!  They live life as an open book and so laughs abound and tears fall freely. It was a joy to laugh and cry with this family on this momentous occasion. ;o) 

It was strange not to be the photographer for a change but I did enjoy being able to be a guest and yes, I was the guest with a nice camera always looking over the photographers shoulders trying to get a good shot but acting like I'm not getting in the way! :o)  Matt (THE photographer) did a great job!!




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