Weekend in Atlanta pt.2

I took Angey along with me for a little weekend in Atlanta. It was great to have someone to talk to the trip down and back and we did all the little touristy things in Atlanta since we stayed downtown and most things were walking distance.

 So here are some highlights. I must say though, if you go to Atlanta YOU MUST go to the SunDial Restaurant on the 72nd floor of the Westin downtown. Free Valet Parking, and the prices are spendy but not too expensive for a nice night out. Sunday brunch entrees were like 15-20 a person. But the view was AMAZING! The place revolves and in the span of an hour it gives you a 360 view of atlanta and beyond. 
We hit up the Aquarium before it got crowded. (a hour after we got there it was way too busy for my tastes) I loved the Beluga Whales! But I always have since I grew up in a place where every spring we could watch as pods of them swam by the inlet behind our church. So cool!
Thanks Ang for going with me and having a never ending list of topics that helped make those 7 hours of driving each way fly by!

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