Weekend at the Beach

We went to Carolina Beach this past weekend. And it was such a great much needed getaway! Dan and I both love the beach! We never go with an agenda but we always get to do so much. It's like the cares of the world melt off of us as we drive out of Raleigh and start to see signs for Wilmington. It didn't rain at all until we were driving home. :o) I got a new bathing suit, the last one I got was 5 years ago. We always try one new place to eat when we go and this time we tried Beach Dogs and it was terrible! Pops is the place for burgers, dogs, and such!!  We ate at Bowman's Seafood. (we go everytime we go down there…so good and not expensive)  We had breakfast at Katy's Pancake House with like a thousand kids. We were missing Zoe so much but I could see how until she can sit up on her own it really wouldn't be fun to take her to the beach. We laid out at the beach and the pool. Listened to Beach Music (it's funny I remember coming to north carolina thinking beach music was the beach boys! :o)  We had a wonderful time!! 


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