Texas… Ready or not here we come!

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now…. 

God has really done so much in our lives the past few years… really the past 10 years as He has changed, strengthened, grown, challenged, humbled, and softened our hearts and put in it a strong desire to be in ministry in urban settings and reaching out to groups of people that might not have churches reaching out to them. Dan has loved teaching and in it has really discovered the gifts God has given him and the love for teaching others the truths of His word.
 For the past few years we have been church members at various churches and even have led in different capacities here and there. But since Dan and I got married we have continually found ourselves in positions of wanting to be in leadership and having big dreams and passions for good works. But time and time again God has pulled us back and shown us that He still was working in us at very base levels that had to be changed and grown in order for us to be able to reach out and truly teach and show the gospel in a worthy way. Now, He is STILL doing that and working in us in very big ways! But for the first time in five years we have felt the freedom to take a step in a new direction and begin to accomplish some things that have been on our hearts for a long time.  
Dan started to get his masters at Southeastern right after we got married and quickly found out that as a new husband and being new at teaching he needed to focus on his family and job for the time being. And he is so glad he did and has loved the past 5 years at North Raleigh Christian Academy. 
Not long ago we found out that we have the opportunity to finish his masters and live near my family at Southwestern Seminary. We will still be able to pay down debt and Dan will continue teaching in a nearby christian high school. So after praying about it and looking at various aspects of what moving would entail we finally decided to step out and do this!!! 

So, all that to say, We are moving to Ft. Worth Texas!! We will be leaving the end of June and moving on campus at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Please pray for us as we prepare for this change and leave family and friends here and that God would pave the way for even greater change in our hearts as He continues to prepare us and use us in the work of His kingdom…. whatever that looks like! ** Fort worth is not only home to SWBTS it is a great city that we can't wait to explore and experience. There is the stockyards, the botanical gardens, and the water gardens (pictured below) and lots more there and in nearby dallas! 


*  Raleigh will always be home for my husband and our family to an extent because we have family (i.e a little niece, sorry britt it's already becoming about her!! :o)  and deep friendships here that we will want to visit with at holidays and summer times!  

** Zoe's birthmother is here and that's someone who will be a part of our life for a long long time. She is very dear to Dan and I and to Zoe. So we will be coming back to see her as well. 

*** I am still going to base my photography business out of Raleigh!! I have several weddings this year and next that I'll be coming back for and bringing Zoe girl (Dan's parents are loving that!!) . I'm even hoping to book more weddings both here in North Carolina and in Texas because I have the most awesome team of photographers!! Poiema can really capture weddings like no one else! So Brides-to-be just know that you want to book us ahead of time so we can plan to capture your day that you'll remember forever. 

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