Happy Mothers Day part 1

I just wanted to take some time and just honor my mother and mother-in-love.  These women are two of the most amazing women in my life. 

My mom: After having one child for a few months I have so much admiration and respect for my mom having raised 9 of us. And all of us weren't easy babies or children. She is the perfect match for my dad and has demonstrated faithfulness in marriage to us all our lives. She is where I get my creativity and love for writing from …. and love for photography! She always pushed us in the areas where we showed interest and talent. She endlessly did housework for as long as I can remember and one thing that I remember is that she had the job of not only getting us to church on her own (since dad had to be at church early) but also teaching sunday school and hosting guests for lunch. Sundays still are one of my most favorite days because of how we grew up. 
I'm so grateful for my education at home. I was homeschooled when homeschooling wasn't popular. She was a pioneer. And I'm so thankful for the skills she imparted to us and for the intense scripture memory we had to do growing up because it's still with me. (especially the ones that had songs or signs to go with it :o)  
I did inherit the dreaded sock basket and still mop floors with a towel and can work on a project with chaos surrounding me yet oblivious to it.  Which I'm sure all can be benefits at times as well. :o)  
I look forward to raising zoe with so many of the same experiences and methods of how I was raised. And I'm so excited for my mom to embark on this new journey for her of grandmotherhood! I'm so blessed to have you in my life and you have served me so beautifully especially this past year. Thanks for sharing the times of intense pain and physical healing in losing asher and joyful anticipation and excitement with getting zoe! 

Dan's Mom, Well I have always been so grateful for her because back before I ever met Dan and he didn't have a heart for God, she prayed for him and persued him and always was speaking truth into his ears of what God really wanted for him. She believed that God would save him and bring him back home. She introduced him to the man who would lead him to the Lord and become one of our best friends. She has loved her husband well and served her family endlessly throughout the years. Dan and I have always said that she is the glue that bonds so many relationships in our family and extended family. She has always been there for us and supports us in our crazy big dreams for what God may have for our family in the years to come. 
She's been a friend to me before Dan even knew he was going to marry me. let's face it, she made me a part of the family way before I officially became a Chappell. I'm so grateful for her love for me throughout the years. And I can't say enough about how she suffered with me and has grieved Asher and now has loved on and cared for Zoe countless times already. 
I love you and I'm so blessed to have you as a mother in law!! 

And I wanted to specially tell my sister, Brittany, Happy Mothers Day because I'm going to be an aunt! 
She is having a baby girl near the end of August this year and she has been a wonderful expectant mother and I love having someone to give Zoe's little outfits to as she grows out of them. I know Zoe and "baby kay-kay" will have so much fun as cousins so close in age!  
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