Five Years

Five years ago today I was getting ready to walk down the isle and say I do to my husband. I don't know if I've ever told our story on here but I thought it would be a good chance to do so. 

I came to Southeastern Seminary in the fall of '99 with my sister and we started our college adventure. We met so many amazing people whom God has blessed us with as deep friends. My second semester I met a friend of a friend who had recently become a believer and started at Southeastern as well. Well, let me tell you I was pretty much smitten at first site. He was tall, handsome and had a passionate zeal for the Lord and His glory. Dan remembers me from day one as I took his school photo as I was working as the photographer there. So, early on we connected and had several classes together and it began… the journey of a lifetime. We both thought we knew a lot about God and how a believer was to live, and found out very quickly that both of us were strong willed and had big opinions that were right. 
 So, even though we were definitely attracted to each other we decided that because of where we were in the stages of life (I thought I was ready to get married and he should be too if he wanted to date me, and he just wanted to grow and know what it was God was calling him to and marriage wasn't a part of that near future plan) So, we stayed "friends that were drawn to each other but tried hard to act like we weren't" that worked for a while and then we took a stab at dating…. again, I put the hard press on when it came to marriage. So… back to just friends, but we still couldn't stay away from each other.  Then I found this new joy in singleness and Dan decided he was ready to pursue marriage. yeah, that conversation wasn't one of our shining moments. We couldn't figure out what God was doing. Was this crazy other person the one for us? Why couldn't we get on the same page at the same time?  It seems so many people knew God was working to create this unique bond between us through the years. Dan's mom never lost hope. Eric… you knew! My girlfriends didn't know weather to love him or hate him, because as a woman in love my passion and adoration of him looked very different over the years. Love! It will drive us crazy. And it did.  But Thank goodness, God was in charge and not two crazy passionate imperfect humans. 
So, I was invited to hear Dan preach his first sermon and I can honestly say that while I was sitting there listening to him preach the word of God I knew, I KNEW! I was going to marry that man. Now, I don't know if he had gotten the divine memo yet. But I do know that he was different from that day on. So a few weeks and an all night conversation on the phone later we  were planning our wedding.  
Those four years of getting to know each other in good and bad were such a great foundation for the past five years of marriage.  
Our wedding was such a marriage of family and friends and the support and love that was shown still astounds me today. I'll never forget that day… ever. I'll never forget the guests that were so happy that God had worked this in us. I'll never forget the girls that did so much for me that week. I'll never forget the worship service that day and the night before. Those worship times were very sweet times that impacted my soul forever.  I'll never forget the words my dad spoke at my wedding. I'll never EVER forget my first kiss! :o) I'll never forget that was the day my life changed forever. I became Mrs. Daniel W. Chappell.

*I can't find the fold my professional wedding photos are in so here's some snapshots from that day!! :o) 
* This Frank and Celine duet was our first dance! and I went ahead and put my favorite love songs on the list so enjoy a little romantic music while youre reading! 

My Pictures0008
Learning how to dance… another story for another post. funny. :O)


Dan and casey marry (59)
Dan and casey marry (90)
Yes we had the biggest bridal party in creation! 
Dan and casey marry (117)

Dan and casey marry (153)
irst kiss
Dan and casey marry

We honeymooned in NYC!! We love New York City!! 

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